Workplace Injury Benefits

Things You May Not Know About Workplace Injury Benefits in Pennsylvania

The Law Office of Kaitlin Files LLC knows that spreading the word about workers' rights after a workplace injury will empower those who feel helpless after the accident. Here are some things you need to know about workplace injury benefits in Pennsylvania:

  • Part-time employees and full-time employees are covered equally by worker's compensation unless the employer unlawfully does not have any coverage at all. Do not feel like your workplace accident is left for you to pay for because you only work part-time for the company.

  • Your workplace injury coverage begins on the first day of a new job. Workplace injury coverage is not about a pay-off, and it is unlike medical insurance. Workers' compensation insurance is about protecting employees from inherent risks of doing their job the moment the employee begins working.

  • If the accident occurred at work but is the employee's fault (accidentally), workplace injury coverage should still cover the accident.

  • A workplace injury claim is about filing not suing. Some people hesitate to take advantage of the coverage available to them because they do not want to bring trouble to their employer, but that is not the case at all. In fact, litigation is not always needed, but an attorney can streamline the claim and make sure you are fully covered as you heal.


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