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We have 3 core operational values: our clients' experiences, our employees' satisfaction, and our local community involvement.


Law firms are notorious for making it hard for a client to reach her or his lawyer. Here at Files Law, we treat our clients differently than how clients are treated at other law firms. Our clients are our top priority. You will speak directly with an experienced attorney within 24 hours of when you first contact the office. We know you have a lot to worry about; you do not need to worry about getting in touch with your lawyer during the course of your case. Our firm has innovative systems in place that flip the playbook: we do not wait to hear from you if you have any questions- we proactively reach out and talk to you and explain updates and changes as they happen. Our case management system allows us to share documents with you so you can see exactly what will be submitted during your trial instead of being in the dark. We are here to help you and guide you through the process. You do not have to worry again about when or if you will hear back from your lawyer. You'll know your lawyer at Files Law.

Our employees are the heart and hustle of Files Law. We believe that employees who enjoy the work they do and look forward to showing up to work each day provide the best service for our clients. Files Law believes that the work we do is a reflection of who we are. We become the creator of the impact on the world with the work we do. Everyone at Files Law is playing on the same team. We rely on teamwork and moving the ball until we get the best shot. And we always hit the shot. We support each other to achieve personal and career fulfillment. We have automated systems within the firm's infrastructure for employees to work more effectively and efficiently that also deliver you the best service. We focus on discipline, intention, and will. This is a special place, created and run by special people, doing what we do in the best way possible.


Our final focus and one we hold close to our heart is our community involvement. We do not have a mission to support just our clients and our employees, but to also support our local community. We believe joining with our neighbors to engage with other local businesses builds a better world for all of us to share. Throughout the year, we host various community events as well as participate in or sponsor local happenings hosted by other members within the community. We aim to promote other local businesses so we can all share in the success of our neighborhood. A bustling town is a vibrant place to be. Files Law is a proud Bucks County business. Keep an eye out for us out and about in the area!

With The Law Office of Kaitlin Files, you can expect the feel of a small firm with the experience of a big firm in representing you in your workers' compensation case. We call this our grit & grace. When you sign up with our firm, you can expect to feel like part of our team. With Files Law, you should expect the best service a law firm can give. 

Kaitlin Files, Esq.


Kaitlin Files is experienced in representing injured workers throughout all of Pennsylvania while primarily based in Philadelphia and Bucks County. She has focused solely on this area of the law since she was in law school. Since graduating law school, Kaitlin Files has been serving injured workers throughout Pennsylvania with proven success. Representing her clients with grit and grace, Kaitlin gives each new case her undivided attention whilst walking you through each step of the process. Kaitlin spent the last six years working at a high volume law firm practicing workers' compensation. She now runs a small law office continuing to represent injured workers throughout the region.


Born and raised in Bucks County, Kaitlin has returned to the area to bring our community the expertise of a big Philly law firm while operating with the personal touch of a local firm in the practices of workers' compensation and disability law. Kaitlin loves both the Bucks County and Philadelphia communities. She frequents local shops and restaurants, always looking for a new spot to try. She also loves to explore the robust park and trail systems throughout Philly and Bucks. If the Sixers or Eagles are playing, you can find her at the game or watching with friends and family at a local spot. And do not be surprised to hear she is in South Bend for an ND football game in the fall. 

Kaitlin is also an active member of the Philadelphia Bar Association, serving as co-chair for the Diversity and Inclusion committee of the Workers' Compensation Section. She is a member of the Bucks County Bar Association, Bristol Business Association, Philly VIP, Southeastern Pennsylvania Legal Aid, and The Wright Legacy. Kaitlin coaches a high school mock trial team in Philadelphia and would very much like to coach a local girls' basketball team one day.

University of Notre Dame, 2010

Temple University Beasley School of Law, 2014

Hear more about Kaitlin by visiting our YouTube page: 

Office location: 2346 Trenton Road, Suite E, Levittown, PA 19056

Mailing location: 56 S Main Street, Unit N, Yardley, PA 19067

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